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ISO 604

Mastering Material Compliance: A Deep Dive into ISO 604:2002 for Plastic Compressive Testing


At Kiyo R&D Center & Laboratory, our commitment to excellence is reflected through rigorous adherence to international standards. ISO 604:2002, a cornerstone in our testing protocol, sets the benchmark for evaluating the compressive properties of plastic materials. Here’s why this standard is pivotal in ensuring the plastics used in your products are both robust and reliable.

ISO 604

Understanding ISO 604:2002: ISO 604:2002 outlines the method for determining the compressive properties of plastics, including strength and modulus measurements. By standardizing how these tests are conducted, we can guarantee that our results are both accurate and globally recognized.

Key Specifications of Test Specimens:

  1. Cylindrical Specimens:

    • Diameter: Commonly set at 10 mm or 14 mm.
    • Height: Adjusted to twice the diameter, securing a 2:1 ratio that minimizes errors like buckling during testing.
  2. Prismatic Specimens:

    • Dimensions: Typically 10 mm in width and thickness.
    • Height: Twice the smallest lateral dimension to uphold structural integrity under compression.

Why Adherence to ISO 604:2002 Matters: Compliance with ISO 604:2002 allows us to deliver reliable data that supports critical decisions in product development and quality control. It ensures that materials meet expected standards for durability and safety across various applications—from automotive components to consumer electronics.

Industries Benefiting from ISO Compliant Testing:

  • Automotive: Ensuring components can withstand stresses under load.
  • Aerospace: Certifying materials for safety and performance in extreme conditions.
  • Consumer Goods: Guaranteeing that everyday products are durable and safe.
ISO 604


At Kiyo R&D Center & Laboratory, our ISO-compliant testing services are more than just a procedural necessity—they are a promise of quality and reliability. Trust us to bring this level of detailed attention to your materials testing needs.