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Mould Designing

Mould Designing

Welcome to KIYO R&D Center and Laboratory, your trusted partner for Plastic Mold Design Services. We specialize in providing innovative and high-quality mold designs to meet the unique requirements of your plastic product manufacturing. With our team of experienced engineers and designers, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to excellence, we deliver exceptional mold design solutions that optimize production processes and ensure superior product quality.

Plastic Product and Mould Designer

Our Plastic Mold Design Services

Some of Our Plastic Material Characterization Services

Custom Mold Design

We understand that every plastic product has specific design considerations. Our team collaborates closely with you to understand your product requirements, functionality, and manufacturing constraints. Leveraging our expertise and advanced design tools, we create custom mold designs tailored to your exact specifications. Our designs aim to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and ensure consistent product quality.

Concept Development

Our skilled designers work with you to develop initial concepts for your plastic product. We take into account factors such as aesthetics, functionality, and manufacturability to create innovative and visually appealing designs. Through a collaborative process, we refine the concept until we achieve the optimal design that meets your vision and market demands.

Mold Flow Analysis

To ensure the success of your mold design, we employ advanced mold flow analysis tools. By simulating the plastic injection molding process, we can identify potential design issues, optimize gate locations, anticipate potential defects, and optimize cooling channel layouts. Mold flow analysis enables us to make informed design decisions that result in improved part quality, reduced cycle times, and enhanced production efficiency.


Before moving to full-scale production, we offer prototyping services to validate the mold design and functionality of your plastic product. Our rapid prototyping capabilities allow for quick iterations and adjustments to the design as necessary. Prototyping enables you to physically assess the form, fit, and function of the product before committing to mass production, saving time and cost in the long run.

Design for Manufacturability

Our team has a deep understanding of the plastic manufacturing process. We apply Design for Manufacturability (DFM) principles to optimize your mold design for efficient and cost-effective production. By considering factors such as material selection, part geometry, draft angles, and demolding requirements, we ensure that your design is optimized for smooth manufacturing and seamless assembly.

Why Choose KIYO R&D Center and Laboratory for
Plastic Mold Design Services?

  • Expertise and Experience

    Our team of engineers and designers has extensive experience in plastic mold design across various industries. We have successfully delivered designs for a wide range of products, from consumer goods to automotive components. With our expertise and in-depth knowledge, we can tackle complex design challenges and provide innovative solutions.

  • Advanced Design Tools and Technology

    We leverage cutting-edge design software and simulation tools to create precise, efficient, and manufacturable mold designs. Our use of mold flow analysis enables us to optimize designs for improved part quality and production efficiency.

  • Collaborative Approach

    We believe in close collaboration with our clients throughout the design process. We listen to your requirements, provide regular updates, and involve you in key design decisions. Your input and feedback are crucial to ensuring that the final mold design aligns with your expectations and specifications.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality is at the forefront of our mold design services. We adhere to rigorous quality control measures throughout the design process to ensure that the final mold design meets the highest standards of accuracy, functionality, and durability.

  • Timely Delivery

    We understand the importance of meeting project timelines. Our efficient project management practices and streamlined processes enable us to deliver mold designs within agreed-upon timeframes without compromising on quality.

Contact us today to discuss your plastic mold design needs. Our dedicated team is ready to listen to your requirements, provide expert guidance, and deliver innovative and efficient mold designs that will bring your plastic products to life. Trust KIYO R&D Center and Laboratory for exceptional Plastic Mold Design Services.